RAB’s Farber: Don’t Call It ‘Terrestrial’ Radio

RAB President/CEO Erica Farber urges radio programmers not to use the word “terrestrial” when they describe the medium.

Advertisers don’t use that word, she told attendees at the Arbitron Client Conference which began today in Annapolis, Md. “Satellite radio has positioned us as ‘terrestrial radio,’” she said.

“Try to eliminate that word” when talking about the medium to a potential advertiser, she said. “We should be proud we’re in radio,” Farber told the room full of some 200 programmers.

The RAB is trying to create a consistent message about the medium for advertisers and their agencies.

Her point is that advertisers don’t use that term to describe radio. They’ve expanded their definition of “audio” to include radio, streaming, etc.


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The funny thing is, satellite radio is terrestrial, too. The vast majority of satellite listeners actually receive their signals from a network of terrestrial repeaters - hundreds of them running thousands of watts.
By John Anderson on 12/5/2012

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