Radio Interactive: Quu Invests in Jump2Go

Quu Interactive is now an investor in Jump2Go, and has obtained the exclusive license to that company’s JumpGate RDS and HD Radio offerings.

Quu, launched about four years ago, seeks to make radio an interactive medium. Joe Harb and Lynn Bruder are executives. Jump2Go was founded by Allen Hartle and has been active in RDS and iTunes tagging.

Quu’s Advertiser Experience

Quu’s Artist Experience on Beasley’s WXTU-HD2 – Philadelphia

The two companies have big plans; they promised to “embark on a joint project to revolutionize radio advertising exploiting Radio Data Systems and HD Radio technology.”

They offer a messaging system for radio that enables music, program messages and advertising on RDS- and HD Radio-enabled receivers. Quu’s Radio Text system allows specialized ad messages to be presented on radio displays; its “Advertiser Experience” is an iteration of the HD Radio Artist Experience and adds images to ad text on HD Radio displays.

Quu said Beasley Broadcast Group is the first radio company to integrate Quu Radio Text and said Beasley is testing out “Advertiser Experience.” WXTU-HD2 in Philadelphia is the first Beasley station to add visuals to HD Radio data. Mike Cooney is Beasley’s chief technology officer.

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