Radio Pakistan Chooses GatesAir AM Transmitters

Radio Pakistan, also known as the Pakistan Broadcasting Corp., has chosen GatesAir’s high-power Flexiva DX and 3DX series of AM transmitters to deliver news, information and entertainment over the air and across the country.
The transmitters yield typical efficiencies of nearly 90 percent, says the company.
“We want to focus our efforts on delivering the right programs, so our top requirement was for a supplier who could undertake the complete project and provide continuing support in the shape of essential spare parts to keep the transmission smooth,” said Samina Parvez, director general of Radio Pakistan. 
All GatesAir AM radio transmitters leverage technology to run cool and provide reliability in harsh environmental conditions, explains the firm. DX transmitters use redundant circuit designs that, together with modular construction and off-the-shelf components, make them easy to maintain. According to GatesAir, the 3DX line of digital, solid-state AM transmitters features Direct Digital Drive technology, which eliminates traditional RF driver designs. This results in a simpler design, greater efficiency and improved reliability.

The transmitter networks are now on the air. While Radio Pakistan is broadcasting analog radio on medium wave, the transmitter platforms can be converted in the field to provide digital radio broadcasting in the future.

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AOA. AM Transmitters minimum 100 KW should be installed firstly in the cities where AM Transmitters have been replaced by FM. The frequency might be allocated to all these transmitters within the range of 531khz to 999khz for best range. Lahore and Faisalabad require EARLY attention. Thanks.
By Rana Akram on 6/20/2014

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