RAIN: Many New Car Dash Systems ‘Web Friendly’

Automakers have been increasing the number of apps with which their infotainment systems can work, to satisfy consumers’ increasing desire for Internet radio.

The Radio And Internet Newsletter cites survey results from Gartner that indicate nearly a third of U.S. motorists want streaming media in their cars. A Deloitte survey found that 72% of car buyers age 19–31 want smartphone app compatibility, and 59% said car connectivity is the most important aspect of a car’s interior.

Yet given all of that, RAIN argues that automaker support for in-car apps like Pandora or iHeartRadio, while helpful, isn’t really necessary to listen to the Internet while driving.

“All you need for that is a smartphone, Web radio app and Bluetooth, a USB cord or an auxiliary audio cable,” says the newsletter, based on its own employees’ experience at the Chicago Auto Show.

Of course, paying for all that data being streamed to the car would be on the user.

RAIN personnel looked at infotainment systems offered by Audi, Ford, Toyota and other manufacturers.

Along with Internet radio apps, most new car models include support for HD Radio and satellite radio, as RW has reported.

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