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We’re at a time of great change on the U.S. FM band, with the Federal Communications Commission moving to approve hundreds — perhaps thousands — of new low-power stations. It’s the topic of “LPFM 2014,” the sixth in Radio World’s successful eBook series.

• RW news contributor Randy Stine dives into the recent special LPFM application window.

• Michi Bradley of REC Networks digs into the data results a bit more and uncovers interesting tidbits.

• Eliza Krigman interviews managers of several established LPFMs.

• And in a special report, Dan Slentz, an LPFM veteran, offers tips for “newbies” who must set out to build a studio and RF chain.

Read it here.
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Not viewable on an iPad? Really?
By on 3/2/2014
No Jeff, this is for real... Are you having technical problems? I'll be happy to help you, just email me:
By Paul McLane on 2/11/2014
Still no e-book. Bogus offer.
By Jeff on 2/11/2014

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