Rohde & Schwarz Shows New Radio

This is what any self-respecting engineer would love to find under his engineer’s Christmas tree — a Rohde & Schwarz SDTR!

SDTR stands for software-defined tactical radio. Admittedly, this bad boy is a little overkill for a station’s emergency communications but who cares!?! Slap one in the station’s emergency transpo Hummer (your station has one, right?) and head out to the remote transmitter site during the next superstorm; laughing all the way as the SDTR’s 30–512 MHz range and 50 watts of power make communications with station HQ not a question of if but what frequencies should be used.

The STDR is aimed at military forces so it has plenty of features a civilian would never require such as internal shock-mounting and as a software-controlled radio it can handle all sorts of different performance specs (e.g. high data rates, frequency hopping) and encryption schemes (not needed unless your rival station is really aggressive). The STDR is so advanced it can work with IP networks too!

Head of the Radiocommunications Systems Division at Rohde & Schwarz, Herbert Rewitzer explained: “We developed the R&S SDTR as an open, flexible platform so that our customers can adapt their communications systems to their tasks and not the other way around — a key factor in the success of missions.”

What else would station management need to hear to order a couple?

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