SiriusXM and MLB Extend Agreement

Satellite radio broadcaster SiriusXM has announced that it has extended its programming agreement with Major League Baseball for an additional six years, effective immediately.

The agreement now runs through 2021 and includes every regular season game and postseason game along with select spring training games and Spanish-language broadcasts. Programming will also be available on SiriusXM app and online.

MLB Executive Vice President, Business, Tim Brosnan said, “SiriusXM has been a valuable partner providing our fans with the ability to listen to every MLB game on the growing platform of satellite radio.”
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They do get improvements in compression technology on the uplink side. The technology improves every year, so the same channels require less BPS than last year. The receivers take advantage of this without needing firmware updates. This is true in most compression systems, not just SXM. This assumes a fixed audio quality target.
By Mike on 9/1/2013
XM network hardware only has carried MLB -it now appears that the Sirius network hardware will also carry MLB with this new contract; my question is: where is Sirius going to get the bandwidth for this programming when their music audio is already compromised by a shortage of bandwidth? This can only mean worse-sounding audio for their music channels if 14-28 channels of baseball are being used?
By Not MelvinK on 8/21/2013

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