Slingshot Links Automation to TagStation

A new tool, Slingshot, makes it easier for stations to use Emmis’ TagStation and provide enhanced data delivery to NextRadio-enabled devices, according to NextRadio.

At CES, NextRadio described Slingshot to Radio World as software that connects a station’s automation system to TagStation.

Now, NextRadio says in a blog it’s partnered with automation system and middleware providers to make sure that the playout systems stations already have can be used to deliver data through TagStation to NextRadio. Partners so far include BE (TRE), ENCO Systems (PADapult), Arctic Palm (Center Stage Live), Jump2Go (JumpGate) and WideOrbit (WideOrbit Automation for Radio).

Where supported systems are not already in place, Emmis is working with stations to make sure additional purchases aren’t necessary to get started by providing this specialized middleware link to NextRadio. Emmis says Slingshot is easy to install, and works with current playout systems. It’s included (if needed) with a TagStation license.

Also, more than one million smartphones on the market now support NextRadio, according to Emmis. Some 400,000 of those were sold before NextRadio’s launch.

To enable those phones with the NextRadio app, Sprint will send “push notifications,” which urge those phone owners to download and try out the app.


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