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The Committee to Protect Journalists is keeping tabs on the travails of Signal FM in Haiti. The Port-au-Prince-based station, at 90.5 MHz, is the only continuously broadcasting station.

The station’s managing director Mario Viau has informed the Web site about the problems the station has encountered. Electrical power is out or unreliable, so the station has depended upon gasoline-powered generators, yet gasoline is in short supply as well. Local donations of gas have kept the station running.

Communications with other cities and towns are sporadic, and roads are often unpassable for reporters travelling for stories. The station lost no staff during the quake though staff members have lost family members.

Not surprisingly, the daily search for food and water now consumes an inordinate amount of time for staffers.

In the CPJ piece, Viau repeatedly praised his dedicated staff for their selfless dedication.

The station did not suffer great damage during the quake and plans to remain on the air.

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I believe Radio 4VEH, Cape Haitian on the north coast was also on the air broadcasting information via their medium wave facility. I futher understand that their programming was delivered via satellite to Trans World Radio in Bonaire who in the evening hours "simulcast" 4VEH providing a power signal into Port-au-Prince. Terry Cowan KNLR/KNLX
By Anonymous on 1/22/2010

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