UberTalk Goes to the Podium

A new online service, UberTalk, features 5,000 radio stations collected and listed into a searchable, accessible listing with an integrated HTML5 player for immediate playback. With stations that include broadcasts from ESPN, BBC, NPR, Fox and CNN, there are more than 20,000 shows to choose from.

However, there’s more to the site than mere aggregation, according to UberTalk founder Michael Robertson.

Robertson told Radio World, “It’s not just an A–Z list, but instead it’s a smart guide. It combines the broadcast schedule for every radio station into one intelligent system that lets you quickly access any show that’s broadcasting anywhere on radio. This means many of the popular shows (that) are broadcast at different times are in effect available on demand.”

Shows are ranked based on popularity with other users on the Internet, and shows can be filtered into different categories, choosing to display only political, sports, morning or public radio offerings. The integrated player can be played in one interface.

DAR.fm — the self-described “DVR for radio” service — does the recordings. Robertson says that an UberTalk app for iOS and Android app is “in the works.”

Currently the site is not monetized, he said, because “the initial goal is to increase the accessibility of the great library of radio programs. Radio needs to be reinvigorated and making it easy to find shows and play them would be a tremendous boost to radio programming online.”

For questions or comments on UberTalk, you can email Robertson at Michael@dar.fm.


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