VW Goes With Station Logos for Presets

Volkswagen Golf 2015 HD Radio
Radio station logos are being used to identify presets.

The radio in Volkswagen’s 2015 Golf uses station logos as presets. It is part of VW’s expanded HD Radio Artist Experience feature.

Volkswagen was the first automaker to introduce an HD Radio receiver featuring AE, according to iBiquity Digital.

With AE, broadcasters delivering an HD Radio signal use the associated data to deliver metadata for artist images and station logos to appear on the display that is synchronized with the audio.

The 2015 Golf is the first VW to get the new radio feature. The model arrives at dealerships in June. VW plans to offer the AE feature in its entire lineup in the coming months.

Artist Experience launched in 2011 and now 1,000+ stations are sending AE images, according to the technology developer.


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