WorldCast Upgrades FM Receiver Silver

Broadcast equipment manufacturer WorldCast has made a few additions to its Audemat FM Receiver Silver rebroadcast receiver. The upgrade is free.

According to a release there are three new reception filters for “challenging” reception conditions: Dynamic Selectivity (DynSe), described as an “IF filter auto switch to eliminate adjacent channels (mostly affects MPX output);” Noise Reduction (Nless), described as “Smooth auto reduction of the audio bandwidth, stereo separation, and noise level for cases of weak RF level (on audio outputs only);” Auto Mono selection (AutoM), described as “Auto reception mode for mono signal with difficult reception.”

In addition there is a new operating mode called Auto Stereo Selection (AutoS). It is described as “Auto reception mode for stereo signal with difficult reception.”

WorldCast also says that it has added a hardware filter to the FM Receiver Silver for improving transmission on the MPX output.
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