Would-Be Florida Pirate Killed

There’s a cautionary tale from Florida about an electrocuted would-be pirate radio operator.

The Sun Sentinel reports 42-year-old Jean Roselet Adelphonse died this week while trying to install a 30-foot antenna that touched a power line.

And he’s not the first one. A Broward Sheriff’s detective told the paper as more people in the state try to make money on the side, they don’t have experience in handling broadcast antennas, and several have died.

Officials reported Adelphonse was climbing a tree next to a strip mall in Ft. Lauderdale when he was electrocuted. He operated several businesses from an office in the mall, including a traffic school, tax preparation store and immigration firm, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

A friend who was helping Adelphonse was unhurt.

Officials said Adelphonse was trying to start a Creole-language pirate station. They found more broadcasting equipment in his vehicle.


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Sorry the guy died -- tragic for his family -- but the episode just demonstrates how high the danger is if you're fooling around with a tower minus training and much caution.
By Dale Tucker on 8/3/2013

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