Brinitzer Takes a Stroll

I started on the floor after riding the monorail to the convention center. ... Shuttle busses were packed; and after two full busses passing by I chose to take the monorail. Was I in for a surprise; the monorail was jammed too. Body to body had a new meaning… After getting to the LVCC, I proceeded to the exhibits. I passed Glynn Walden, Bert Brown and other familiar faces on the way.

First stop: Myat’s booth to see a new HD filter that they say will allow up to MP3 operation at –10 dB on the same antenna (think high level with less loss). Very exciting if it works as indicated. Next stop the iBiquity/HD Radio booth to see the new radios. The available units have increased, with more features to boot. Talk to Tom Walker if you are here.

I visited Wheatstone and the Vorsis AirAura, one of several new FM processors being shown at NAB. An item that really caught my attention at Wheatstone was a new work surface with a price point of $7K. Wow, great work guys.

On to the Omnia booth to see the new Omnia.11 FM processor — its feature set is impressive, and it sounds good on the floor — then to Orban and their new 8600. But I'll need to hear these processors through an exciter to judge them properly.

Other highlights of the show so far for me include the SAS booth and their M-series console; and a session by Tony Peterle of Worldcast about facility control and the company's Relio system.

While all of this was happening I barely noticed the protestors outside when I went back to the hotel to drop off all the loot I'd collected.

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