Moss on: Elder Jacob Meyer

Jacob Owen Meyer is not a name you might know, yet to in his specific corner of the radio world, he approached giant status.

A memorial profile published in the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters newsletter outlined his life and his world.

Meyer passed away on April 9 in Hershey, Pa. at age 75. He had been involved in shortwave broadcast for decades, starting the Sacred Name Radio broadcast in 1966. He also worked extensively with shortwave station WMLK. He added a TV version, Sacred Name Telecast, in 1977.

Meyer had no ambitions to be in show business, according the NASB’s biography. He simply endeavored to spread his work, notably, “the advancement in understanding and usage of the biblically correct Sacred Names of Yahweh for the Heavenly Father and Yahshua for His Son in worship and study,” according to the item, which used information provided by Meyer’s family.

His life involvement was with the Assemblies of Yahweh church, not the vagabond life of a radio personality or obsessive business concerns of a GM. For the Assemblies of Yahweh he provided his expertise for their shortwave station, WMLK (amongst other things).

In his life, along with broadcast, he edited several books (including a Bible) and publications, authored many religious tracts, founded and ran religious schools, taught, traveled and preached. He somehow found time to run a dairy farm.

And in marrying what he knew with what he wanted to do, he was able happily devote himself to family and community life, by this account.

More about Meyer and the Assemblies of Yahweh is here.


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