Frank, Who ... er, WHERE Are You?

By Gear & Technology Editor Brett Moss

While it might not entail deafeningly loud music, trashing hotel rooms, groupie trains or exotic pharmaceuticals, the Frank Foti 2010 World Tour is starting. Or maybe in the tradition of his idols The Who, it does so involve … who knows? “You better, you better” show up and find out.

The president and founder of Omnia Audio, all-around broadcast audio processing pinball wizard Frank “Baba” Foti, goes mobile to deliver technical papers and presentations, much of it concerning his latest squeeze box, the Omnia.11 processor, in the U.S., Canada and Australia. He’ll also talk about his (generation’s) audio processing thoughts, theories and concepts for assembled fans, chaperones and roadies.

According to the official company account, Foti stated: “Processing for radio has been my passion since my days as chief at New York’s groundbreaking Z-100 … I look forward to talking about our work to improve the sound of radio without sacrificing loudness, and showing off the new Omnia.11 FM.”

So you won’t get fooled again, here’s Foti’s tour schedule: He’ll shed his summertime blues with a trip Sept. 18 to Barrie, Ont., for the Central Canada Broadcast Engineers, talking about “Cleaner … Yet Still Loud.” Then he puts on his zoot suit for the next gig at the Radio Show convention in Washington Oct. 1, an “Ask The Experts” session called “Creative Audio Processing.”

Then Frank and the band head down under for a quick one in Melbourne, a reprise of “Cleaner … Yet Still Loud” Oct. 15–16 at the Commercial Radio Australia National Radio Conference; and it’s to Wisconsin, where you can see for miles and miles, for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Clinic bash in Madison on Oct. 26, something of an unplugged set, “Efficient Use of FM Composite”; then he rides his magic bus to San Francisco for the big AES Show, Nov. 4–7.

Maybe a T-shirt with his itinerary on the back can be had.

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