Moss: ‘FM Atlas’ Returns

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor of Radio World.

The 21st edition of the “FM Atlas” is available. Updated after five years, the “FM Atlas” offers 288 pages of maps, articles, essays, regulations, engineering data, detailed listings on topics ranging from FM station information (incl. frequency and geographic location), LPFMs, marketing, formats, physical plant and signal concerns.

Around 10,000 stations are covered.

Since the previous edition, HD Radio has come forward and the “FM Atlas” addresses it.

I asked publisher, author and long-time radio industry consultant Bruce Elving to explain the renewed effort, especially in the age of seemingly instant Internet information.

“Yes, publishing the ‘FM Atlas’ is a good endeavor for a senior citizen like myself. My wife, Carol, keeps a good mailing list, but we get a lot of nixies from the postal service and we try to research what the new addresses might be. Several people have mentioned how they are glad we are still publishing.”

He continued: “We use the Internet for obtaining station info, and a lot of people who get the book are older and don’t use the Internet. Yet others are grateful for a smaller, easy-to-hold publication they can take along which can be used in the car and away from computer connectivity.”

First published in 1971, the FM Atlas covers almost every FM station in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Price: $22 (includes shipping). Order here or you can call (800) 605-2219 or e-mail

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