Moss: Toga! Toga! Spectrum! Spectrum!

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor.

Do you have an e-mail account (or two) that seems to collect a lot of spam, including those “Free Education Grants” cons? They’re enough to make one suspicious of the concept.

But not all grants are cons.

Just ask the National Association of Broadcasters! Believe it or not, the NAB is offering $5,000 in total funding to “academics, graduate students and senior undergraduates undertaking studies to further the broadcast industry.”

More specifically they are looking for research on the future usage of broadcast spectrum.

Proposals should address the topic: “How to best maximize the efficiency of spectrum use: the impact and implications of managing multiple services within the six MHz channel -- the tradeoffs of quality vs. quantity vs. convenience.”

Imagine that. You could be one of the people who charts the future of RF spectrum usage.

But be forewarned, the NAB doesn’t want its money wasted. Like any grant giver it has requirements for its grantees.

So plans for toga parties and panty raids will have to be budgeted from other funds. Somewhere Dean Wormer is getting the last laugh, but for a good cause.

Proposals are due October 1. Be sure to click on "Program Details" at that link before applying.

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