McLane: Shortwave on the High Seas Cruise

Shortwave broadcasters, like NBA players and rock musicians, are known for their hard partying.

OK, maybe not so much like NBA players; but if your thing is to talk with fellow shortwave enthusiasts or meet with a shortwave broadcaster to get the “scoop behind the scenes,” you’ll get switched on about the U.S. National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters annual meeting in 2011.

The association has just decided that they’ll hold their big annual blowout on a ship next time. The meeting will take place on the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas cruise ship, May 13–16, 2011, sailing round trip from Miami to the Bahamas. The three-night cruise package starts at $299. Sounds like a winner to me.

"Many of the cruise ships, like the Majesty of the Seas, are equipped with full-fledged conference centers nowadays," states our friend Jeff White of Radio Miami in an announcement; he’s the president of the NASB. "They offered to provide us with meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, etc. which are at least as attractive as what hotels on land offer, and those facilities are free of charge to us. Plus we'll have the added benefit of offering conference delegates a very interesting itinerary which includes stops at Royal Caribbean's private island CocoCay and at Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas."

White notes that the NASB has long invited shortwave listeners to come to the event, and this might prove an added draw. “We hope a lot more shortwave listeners will join us on the cruise because of the exotic venue and the reasonable price. And both the ship and the Bahamian islands are exotic places to do some interesting shortwave listening and DXing.” Presentations by shortwave broadcasters also are planned.

For a brochure, visit the NASB website, and click on "Annual Meeting." If you go, take pix and send them to us. No confirmation yet on rumors that Kobe and LeBron might be there, but given how radio guys like to party …

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