Ben Brinitzer: From the NAB

Veteran engineer Ben Brinitzer is blogging from the NAB Show for Radio World.

Change is the talk of the convention this weekend.

I found it everywhere. From my walk through the NAB store, where books and emphasis has shifted to “Broader-casting,” to the Ennes sessions, where IP audio started the day with sessions presented by Skip Pizzi on studio and delivery infrastructure. Skip persuaded some engineers to state, “I’m glad I came, it’s clear I need to learn more IT skills.” Others agreed in the group to their own need and the excitement the challenge brings.

Terry Baun presented an Ennes session on management for engineers, where he made it clear that “technology will change by definition, and we have to change with it.” Terry’s session was almost a full house of attendees. He did an outstanding job of mixing the humor with the obvious. I met several engineers in the halls after the session, who resoundingly agreed that our field is changing and we as engineers need to change with it. It truly is an exciting time.

I found it interesting to see guys who have taken creative financing measures to attend the show this year. Names withheld to protect the innocent, one engineer related that he had chosen to pay his own way since it had been too long since his last visit; another indicated he felt it was important enough to attend this year due to the change our industry is experiencing that he chose to help pay for the registration by freelancing for a vendor.

Yes, the clear indication is change. It’s everywhere from the new hotels to the new location for radio in the center hall to the change in our own attitudes.

Gary Timm of Journal Broadcasting gave a presentation that cleared questions on the next-generation EAS and IPAWS. Also a very well attended Ennes session, he addressed the schedule and updated us on the current status. Contrary to common belief, Gary says, FEMA is doing an outstanding job on the management of the process to implement this new system. He was very complementary of the leaders at FEMA for reaching out to the broadcast and equipment manufacturers in the design, basically giving the responsibility to those who understand it best. I’m looking forward to what this will bring in 4th and 1st quarters of the coming year.

This looks to be a great show this year. More tomorrow ...

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