Moss: Flat Is the New Black

Stiernberg Consulting, a firm specializing in business strategies for companies involved in a variety of entertainment technologies, has released a white paper, “Business Megatrends and Our Industry 2010 — Twelve Factors Shaping the New Competitive Environment.”

Though the paper offers no specific prescriptions for what ails radio, it does offer a number of general thoughts for the whole entertainment technology industry that are applicable.

Perhaps most hopeful is Stiernberg’s claim that the entertainment technology industry (including broadcasting) in 2010 will probably not lose money, recovering to flat and might return to growth.

Stiernberg says that “globalization” will continue apace yet a “one-size-fits-all” approach will rarely succeed. This will lead to increasing reliance upon a growing number of niche markets.

Radio broadcasters might want to note that Stiernberg proclaims that “content is king” (and will only get more royal as media options mushroom) but they warn that content receivers are increasingly overwhelmed by the content. So content creation and distribution needs to be wisely thought out.

Naturally, as with most similar annual prediction products, Stiernberg offers the obligatory things-will-get-smaller-cheaper-more available-better but they also feel that design will become a growing factor in many products.

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