Buc the Builder

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.

While it’s not quite “A Christmas Carol” in the richness of Christmas tradition sense, Radio World contributor Buc Fitch reminds us every Holiday Season (a.k.a. Christmakwanzaka) that he has an apt seasonal article, especially noteworthy for its gift ideas along with a heart-warming life’s-lessons-learned theme.

In the story, called “Teach Your Children Well,” Buc suggests that a toolbox for a child is a grand idea. It works because it can teach a child responsibility and make for a bonding experience between child and parent — assuming said parent actually uses tools too.

And if the parent has few manual labor skills (and even less disposition), then the child can be tasked with fixing the dishwasher or installing the ceiling fan. Start ’em young and with big ambition, I always say!

Of course providing power tools to the young ’uns is probably against the law where you live (the nefarious nanny state knows no bounds!) and Buc wisely urges that the tyke toolkit be stocked with rudimentary items to start with. Starting with plastic toy tools can spare would-be Tim Allens from too much damage — to the house or themselves. Though, as Buc notes, pain can be a great teacher as well.

Young Bob the Builders then can be rewarded with more advanced instruments as they demonstrate increasing skills. Follow the plan and perhaps a young engineer is built. Read it here.

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