Is It Too Early to Sign Up for the NAB Show?

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.

In the eyes of the NAB, the answer to our headline is apparently: “It’s never too early!”

Believe it or not the association is peddling free “Exhibits Only” passes for its big show next April in Las Vegas (as if you had to ask where or when).


Sure they are exhibits-only; but when it comes to the spring show, that’s the equivalent of a day pass at Disney World. You’ll still not see all of it.

If you’ve never been to the spring show, you are missing one of the truly spectacular events for our industry. Imagine four enormous buildings filled with the latest in broadcast-y stuff from around the world and a lot of people who want to show you how it all works (and why you should have one).

Maybe this little bit o’ early outreach has something to do with the dearth of actual radio engineering and production personnel at the recent Radio Show in Washington (where free floor passes were not issued this year)? I know I’m not the only one speculating. … Or maybe the NAB is just being extra proactive.

Oh, and it has started making housing arrangements as well (including the now infamous Vdara, aka the Solar Death Ray Building).

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