Fitch on: Radio's Multiple Pipes

With all that’s been written about radio’s future in the dashboard and elsewhere, I am beginning to get the sense that radio's reduction in audience is not so much a function of relevance. The information, and in some cases the entertainment, we have to deliver is valid, attractive and highly useful.

What is killing us in the short term is the immense quantity of outlets competing for eyes and ears, all headed to the lowest common denominator and ad unit cost. The churn of services is staggering as each purveyor attempts to differentiate ... then doesn't connect with the critical rollover point for audience, blows their wad and then disappears. None of this is helpful to us broadcasters.

I believe that our future success is pivoting on using our highly honed communications skills and sending these select services out on multiple pipes so that the “Radio Buc” or “Radio Paul” or “Radio MaryAnn” experience will be seamless wherever our audience goes.

It's obvious that that big old RF transmitter may be our foundation of the business but it will not be the totality in the near future.

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