Ben on a Bird

Before heading to the airport I went to the floor one more time. This time I wanted to see the Bird booth and the new spectrum analysis software package.

I was impressed by the price point and the benefits that we get for the costs. This small box will connect via USB to a PC and the unit becomes a spectrum analyzer capable of FM measurements. They don’t yet have the resolution to do AM IBOC compliance but the unit can easily do FM.

After Bird, I was off to the NAB Store to get the proceedings and pick up a book or two to ship back; then to the Harris booth (my feet hurt and they always give great carpet).

While there I saw the new FM HD tube transmitter with an impressive plate efficiency and layout. This time they listened to the field in design. The HPX series transmitter is simple in its layout and compact in design. The new controller allows IP interface without any other devices. Tuning is hidden inside a door to keep “loose screwdrivers” out. Also on display was the latest Vistamax and Envoy studio systems. The Vistamax has added some impressive features worth considering.

After Harris I had to drop by the Shively booth to see the Dual Dipole 6018 Antenna. This broadband multi-frequency antenna provides great performance at a reasonable price. (But don’t tell Bob Surette I said so.) I spent some time networking on the floor before heading out to my flight back home. Overall it was a GREAT show leaving me no regrets for attending. I look forward to next year and the advances that will come. Till then … See ya …

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