Engineer Porn: Inside Verizon’s Vault

When our friend and colleague Tom Ray posted a link on Facebook and added, “Now THIS is engineer porn,” I felt compelled to look.

Online consumer tech site The Verge carries an item about the flood of Verizon’s downtown New York office and the operation to “restore Manhattan’s drowned Internet.”

The author met with Verizon’s executive director of operations and discussed the “catastrophic failure” to its 90,000 cubic foot cable vault. Lots of great pix and a three-minute video (and nothing you cannot share with the kids ... though some of it sure is dirty!).

Tom added that his station, WOR(AM), “is very lucky that 98% of our circuits are fed to us via fiber. We are fed from the West Street central office, which is in worse shape than the Broad Street CO shown in these videos.”

Into the vault: the operation to rescue Manhattan's drowned Internet


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