Top Examples of Interactive Radio (Cridland style)

Who is doing innovative programming with a creative interactive component?

Here is a take with a U.K. slant. Radio “futurologist” James Cridland ventures an answer. His list:

1. Now Playing @6Music, BBC Radio 6 Music

2. BBC Radio 1’s homepage, BBC Radio 1

3. 102.3 Now! Radio, Edmonton, Canada

4. Geoff Lloyds Hometime Show, Absolute Radio

5. BBC World Have Your Say, BBC World Service Radio and BBC World News tv

Of his first choice, Cridland writes: “The brainchild of SomethinElse, this was the first joint commission between BBC 6Music and BBC Audio & Music Interactive; and has been described as music radio 2.0. It uses Twitter and Facebook, yes, but also Spotify and blogs, too, to curate and reflect music played by 6musics audiences.

Read more about his choices and reasoning.


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