Wheat Meet 2013 Gives Dealers Manufacturing Insight

Factory tour – surface mount department: (left to right) Mike Harris and Brad Harrison (Wheatstone sales), Carlos Norguera, Kelvin Leung with Audio Design Company LTD (Hong Kong), Ian Oakland, Ivan Cornel, Ted Paley and Marc Vallee (partially hidden), Mark Tsang, Darrin Paley (Wheatstone sales), JP Vallee, Luis Manuel, and Alphonso Lopez
Wheatstone this month brought dealers from Hong Kong, Ireland, Brazil, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, India, France and elsewhere to its New Bern, N.C., factory for “Wheat Meet 2013.”
Here are some pix.
The gathering included a factory tour, where the dealers saw products transformed from raw materials to tested consoles ready to ship, walking the line and meeting machinists, fabricators and screeners, and looking over the machines. They were educated about networking and processing, in addition to learning details about products like WheatNet-IP Blades and AirAura X3 processors.
Everyone on Sales Call, Jay Tyler's boat, after they ventured a short cruise on Trent River in New Bern.
Attendees saw Wheatstone’s in-house gate-array development and customized board layouts; according to a company summary of the event, they also discovered that the factory houses a good place to warm up the occasional pizza — namely, the surface-mount “oven.” They got a sneak peek at product development, in addition to working with field and system engineers to improve existing products and dream up new projects.
Outside the factory, dealers had time to explore New Bern and venture out on Sales Manager Jay Tyler’s boat.

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