Success by the Bay

The California Historical Radio Society has declared its Radio Day by the Bay 2013 event a success. And who’s to argue with them?

A fundraiser for CHRS and its allied Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame along with being a hot house for several other like-minded groups and individuals, the July 20 event netted, as of a recent count, over $17,500. Not quite the Jerry Lewis telethon but every bit helps and a lot of good folks gathered to support old-time radio. During the day an auction was conducted, a flea market was picked through, booths were manned, there were speeches and music was played.

Go here for the details and here for some pictures and video of the event. Hey, guys, how ’bout some captions on those pictures!?!

Some possibly good news leaking out was also that the new owners of CHRS’ tres chic Deco headquarters building haven’t demanded they leave (yet). CHRS has raised almost $700,000 in contributions to buy the building so it is hopeful. However, it has also made it clear, whether or not they keep the old KRE facility, they will purchase a home.

Also at Radio by the Bay 2013, the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2013 was announced. Here is a cut and paste of the announcement:

IN THE EXECUTIVE CATEGORY: An innovator and pioneer in several formats and a co-owner of San Jose’s KLOK (1170 AM), the Hall of Fame welcomes William H. “Bill” Weaver.
IN THE SPECIALTY CATEGORY: The Hall of Fame welcomes one of the best-known and most-trusted voices in Bay Area radio, meteorologist Mike Pechner.
IN THE ENGINEERING CATEGORY: Widely recognized for his technical expertise as an engineer in both radio and television – including many years at KRE in Berkeley – and for his encyclopedic knowledge of the Bay Area’s broadcasting history, the Hall of Fame, in conjunction with Chapter 40 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, welcomes Roy Trumbull as this year’s Engineering inductee.
IN THE PIONEER CATEGORY: The board of directors of CHRS and the Bay Area Radio Museum have selected Jane Morrison for her groundbreaking role as the longtime community affairs director of KNBR.
IN THE EDUCATOR CATEGORY: The Hall of Fame welcomes Henry Leff, who built the broadcasting department at the City College of San Francisco and served as its head for nearly four decades. He was also a distinguished actor on radio, TV and in movies, and was a founding officer of KQED.
IN THE SPORTS CATEGORY: The Hall of Fame welcomes the only lead play-by-play voice in the 22-year history of the San Jose Sharks, and a man who is widely recognized as one of the top voices in hockey, Dan Rusanowsky.
IN THE NEWSCASTER CATEGORY: The Hall of Fame welcomes two of the most decorated news reporters in Bay Area radio history – both of whom just happen to work for KCBS: longtime City Hall Bureau Chief Barbara Taylor, and eight-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner Mike Sugerman.
IN THE PROGRAM HOST CATEGORY: Two of the most fabled voices in the annals of radio – not just in the Bay Area – receive long overdue recognition as members of the Hall of Fame, as we welcome the original “shock jock,” Dennis Netto (a/k/a Dennis Erectus) and a man whose name is synonymous with Top 40 radio, whether you know him as Radio Ray Farrell, Johnny Scott or, simply, Bobby Ocean.

Festivities for the induction are planned for the fall with further details to be announced.

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