Comrex, You Don't Look 50!

January 25, 2011

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.Comrex, known today for its codecs, turns 50 this year.Seeing a company stick around for five decades and even somewhat resemble what it started out as is unusual. Yet businesses and industries never stop

Vegas Rooms for $22? If You Know Where to Look

January 20, 2011

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.For prospective NAB Show attendees, “where to stay” is always an interesting question. Vets know that Las Vegas has a wide variety of hotels, at wildly varying levels of quality. There is also the

The Hoarders

January 13, 2011

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor.Have you ever seen that show “The Hoarders”? The show about people who can’t say “no” to gifts, piles of almost perfectly useful goods sitting along side of the road (aka trash), etc. The

They’ll Tee Off Once Again for Beeler

January 11, 2011

Paul McLane is editor in chief of the U.S. edition.I tip my tam to the folks who have kept Scott Beeler’s memory alive with their annual golf outing. Sometimes, well intended events like this can peter out after a

You Talk Into It … Here

January 10, 2011

Paul McLane is editor in chief of Radio World U.S.Nothing upsets an audio pro like seeing people use a microphone the wrong way.Retired radio production engineer Charles Pitts sent this image around make his point. I e mailed him to

When the Eagle Had Landed

January 7, 2011

Paul McLane is editor in chief of the U.S. edition of Radio World.I can't help it, I'm a space geek. To me nothing has ever been cooler than watching Apollo rockets blast off, or watching Walter Cronkite or Wally Schirra

Lackness Plans to Take a Show on the Road

January 4, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.John Lackness hopes to take up where the late Larry Bloomfield left off.Lackness, a sales rep for SCMS, is making plans for what he calls the Broadcasters Roadshow. It’s ambitious he