Love This Beauty Shot of Walton Peak

February 25, 2011

Charles “Buc” Fitch is a frequent contributor to Radio World.Take a look at the attached picture of “Walton Peak” on Franklin Mountain in El Paso, Texas. (click thumbnail)Walton Peak in El Paso, as photographed by Isaac Chambers Such a beauty.

It’s a Real Crime

February 22, 2011

Charles S. ‘Buc’ Fitch is a frequent contributor. I saw Brett Moss’ post about bullet holes. It’s no joke. About 20 years back I went out to inspect a decommissioned TV tower for a potential FM antenna support structure. As

An Angry Phone Call or E-Mail Would Have Sufficed

February 17, 2011

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor.Larry Nixon, a contract engineer for Cumulus Media’s WJAD(FM) down in Albany, Ga., received an automated remote control e mail message on Feb. 7 that the transmitter was running a bit low. Upon arriving

Musings on Wooden Towers

February 17, 2011

Charles “Buc” Fitch is a frequent contributor to Radio World.A recent blurb about the tallest wooden tower reminds me that at last check, wooden towers were still allowed and are actually detail specified in the Building Officials Code (BOCA), in

Welcome, Radio

February 3, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.Messages of congratulations along with plenty of questions have been arriving at my inbox since NewBay Media this week acquired several publications from Penton Media, including Radio magazine. Most engineering readers

Engineering Conference Promises Some Juicy Stuff

February 1, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief.Why did the master FM antenna system at the Empire State Building fail for the first time since its installation in the early 1990s? How can radio stations add visual communications to their broadcasts?