Moss on: Sounds of the Sun

March 31, 2010

What does the sun sound like? An interesting question, and one that would get your ears burned off if you tried to answer it literally.What does Jupiter sound like or meteors hitting the atmosphere?Tom Ashcraft had the same questions. And

McLane: At Axia, a Higher-Volume Strategy

March 30, 2010

Axia is rolling out a new console at this coming NAB Show. An interesting aspect of the announcement is that the Axia iQ is the first of several products the company will introduce that are made China. I e mailed

Moss: Visit the Jetsons Section at the NAB Show

March 29, 2010

NAB Show veterans usually know what parts of halls to visit to see the “really cool” things but inevitably, hitting all of the cutting edge technology requires grinding footwork in the farthest reaches and obscure little corners of the

Moss: A Trombley 'Thank You'

March 11, 2010

Ed Trombley passed along a thank you via Radio World for his recent award from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters."To my fellow broadcast engineers Thank you, Michigan Association of Broadcasters, for picking me out of the many who were nominated.

McLane: In New York, a Voice for the Visually Impaired

March 9, 2010

I feel a connection to people who produce audio for the visually impaired. In the past I regularly recorded the New York Times Travel section as a volunteer for the blind in Delaware and I came to know a number

McLane: Radio by the Numbers

March 2, 2010

Over five years, the number of translators and NCE licenses have boomed while the number of commercial FMs and, notably, AM licenses have been relatively stable