Where the Next Generation Will Come From

March 29, 2011

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.I’ve got to give Loyalist College of Belleville, Ont., credit. The Canadian school has a Broadcast Engineering Technology degree program and is in the last semester of its first class of “pioneer” broadcast engineers.

Owner Sees a Ticking Time Bomb in His Files

March 23, 2011

A reader who owns several stations in the mid south and whose renewal is due within a year wrote to me to share the following thoughts. I share it because the topic of discrimination in radio sales agreements

Remembering Art Constantine

March 21, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief.I'm been shaking my head trying to get rid of the stunned, emotional feeling that has taken hold since I heard the news that Art Constantine had died.Many people are just learning this morning

MAB and the Next Generation

March 18, 2011

Brett Moss is gear & technology editor.The Michigan Association of Broadcasters and its foundation know how to treat their kids. At the recent Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo, the foundation handed out its 2011 MABF High School and College

The Android in Our Ear

March 15, 2011

Brett Moss is gear and technology editor. If you can get past the typical breathless Fast Company “We just discovered this therefore it is important” approach, the requisite Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from elite universities and the disturbingly large

Radio Relocation Gets ‘a Boatload Harder’

March 9, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief.“If you’re looking to move an AM or FM radio station from a small community to a different, bigger, community, your job probably just got a boatload harder.”That’s the analysis of communications lawyer Matt

Joe Cipriano Takes a Crack at Fortune’s ‘Wheel’

March 3, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.Voice talent Joe Cipriano, familiar voice of many radio stations, and heard regularly on CBS, Fox and TV shows like “Deal or No Deal” (not to mention promos for another program

For Boston Radio, a Welcome Look Back

March 3, 2011

Paul McLane is U.S. editor in chief of Radio World.I've raved before about the cool series of history books in the "Images of America" series, put out by Arcadia Publishing. These are paperbacks that take a given town, or one