Alpha Broadcasting Chooses GatesAir

GatesAir Alpha Broadcasting KUPL Flexiva FAX20

Alpha Broadcasting has outfitted its KUPL(FM), Portland, Ore., with a new high-power 20 kW Flexiva FAX20 transmitter from GatesAir.

The broadcaster says it expects an improvement in operating costs based on the transmitter’s efficient design, emphasizing labor savings due to streamlined maintenance.

“The Flexiva is a forward-looking confluence of innovative design, compact footprint, price point and ease of installation that is ahead of the efficiency curve,” said Michael Everhart, director of engineering at Alpha Broadcasting. “However, we see the maintenance aspect as the biggest benefit for us in terms of operating costs. It’s a lightweight transmitter, and it was very simple to install the power supplies and amplifier modules.”

KUPL says listeners have enjoyed a “distinct improvement in sound quality” since deploying the transmitter. This is in part due to the integrated Flexiva FAX exciter, which provides a stable and consistent signal and requires virtually no readjusting to maintain premium quality.

The FAX exciter also gives the station a clear path to HD Radio.


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