Barix Enables Remote Broadcast for Business Program

Barix Exstreamer 500

Frisco, Texas-based Clark Financial Group, producer of financial information programming aired in the Dallas market through a Saturday afternoon program on KAAM(AM) is using Barix equipment to facilitate remote contribution and bidirectional streaming.

Clark Financial Group and KAAM worked with regional contractor David Conley to configure the system, which includes two Barix Exstreamer 500 IP audio devices.

Clark Financial Group encodes and streams “For Your Financial Health,” from offices 30 miles away, and the receiving Exstreamer 500 then decodes the audio for terrestrial and Web broadcast and provides a live channel back to the studio, where host Dr. Bill Clark responds to listener questions on the air.

“We’re very satisfied with the quality of the stream in both directions,” said Conley. “The sound is good, the latency is very slight, and we’re overall very pleased with the performance.” 

Conley says that the configuration was “quite simple,” though the ISP company serving Clark Financial Group does not support remote streams; fortunately, Barix does.

“We got incredible support for problems that weren’t even related to Barix technology-wise,” said Conley.

Conley has previously installed Barix IP audio solutions for Metro Broadcasting in Allen, Texas, to support live Web streaming for KXEZ(FM) and KHYI(FM).

“Streaming is becoming a very important part of the enterprise, and those of us in broadcast are working to find solutions that allow these companies to reach listeners both over the air and over the Internet,” said Conley.


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