Blubrry and StreamGuys Partner on Internet Radio

Content delivery network provider StreamGuys and podcasting specialist Blubrry are turning podcasts into internet radio streams with the new Podcast2Radio tool. Using tools from StreamGuys’ software-as-a-service toolset, Podcast2Radio converts podcasts into linear internet radio streams that can be delivered through StreamGuys’ cloud-based content delivery network.

Blubrry users will automatically be able to utilize the service, turning podcasts into a stream through a specialized configuration of StreamGuys’ Remote Encoder Lite multiformat encoding software. When new podcasts are added to customers’ RSS feeds, Podcast2Radio automatically adds them to the internet radio stream in place of older content.

StreamGuys is also offering Blubrry its SGmonlive monitoring services and SGreports emails to help measure audience growth.

Podcast2Radio will be available to Blubrry users this summer, according to StreamGuys.


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