Pai Talks AM With Farm Broadcasters

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai met with farm broadcasters and representatives of the National Farmers Union and American Farm Bureau Federation this week to discuss the commission’s AM revitalization plan.  

Brian Winnekins, owner of WRDN(AM) Durand, Wis., tells RW that Pai reiterated his desire to have at least some of the proposed rules acted upon by October. If approved, Pai would like to see an FM translator application window for AM stations actually open in 2015.

Broadcasters also discussed the need for improvements in AM receivers, reduction of man-made interference and the need for the commission to install new computer software to allow PSA and PSSA applications to move forward, according to Winnekins.

The meeting was part of the Washington Watch event held by the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.


Ajit Pai National Association of Farm Broadcasters National Farmers Union American Farm Bureau Federation
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai (center) meets with farm broadcasters and other farming representatives.

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