U.S. Broadcast Stations Tops 30,000

The FCC has released its numbers on official licensed broadcast stations. According to the agency there were 30,367 as of Sept. 30.

Rough totals are over 22,000 radio stations of some kind. That total includes translators, boosters and LPFMs. That number could pop when LPFM licensing gets into full swing.

For television the number is 8,194 — including Class A, translators and LPTV stations.

Here’s the breakdown:

AM Stations                                       4,728
FM Commercial                                  6,613
FM Educational                                  3,989
     Total:                                                     15,330

UHF Commercial                                 1,029
VHF Commercial                                 358
UHF Educational                                  289
VHF Educational                                  107
     Total:                                                     1,783

Class A UHF                                         380
Class A VHF                                         52
     Total:                                                      432

FM Translators and Boosters              6,055
UHF Translators                                  2,911
VHF Translators                                  1,133
     Total:                                                     10,099

UHF Low-Power TV                             1,547
VHF Low-Power TV                             388
     Total:                                                       1,935

Low-Power FM                                            788

     Total:                                                      30,367                                                  


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