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Food, Booze, Gambling and Sports Radio

OK, it might be almost impossible to top the new studios of Yahoo! Sports Radio’s Ken Thomson. Airing daily 10 p.m.–1 a.m., Thomson hosts his show from new digs at Emeril Lagasse’s “Lagasse’s Stadium” in The Palazzo in Las Vegas. Yeah, that’s right, he’s airing from a sports book/sports bar in Las Vegas hosted by chef Emeril Lagasse.

You know when Homer Simpson says, “Dooooooooonuts” and saliva cascades from his mouth? — That’s the idea.

Here’s a view of Thomson broadcasting. The studio is at the entrance of the restaurant with glass walls facing a Palazzo lobby (behind Thomson) while the other side faces into the restaurant crowd. The inset shows the sports memorabilia collection and the larger space.

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