This LPFM’s Time Has Come

A Maryland case study in sourcing funds, equipment and studio space

Unlicensed Bands Offer Opportunities

Use Industrial, Scientific and Medical bands for Wi-Fi links

How I’d Change the FCC Rules

A longtime broadcaster weighs in on AM improvement, translators and more

NPR Labs Is Reorganized

Director Rich Rarey leaves; Labs moves under corporate division

“I Cannot Live Without Books”

So said Tom Jefferson. Here are three he might take to the beach

Spot Revenue Is a Drag on Q2 Performance

At mid-year point, U.S. commercial radio revenue is down slightly

International Broadcasters Reconsider Shortwave

The BBC, RCI and VoA have backed away from SW broadcasting in favor of the Web — a platform all too easy for hostile governments to block.

Radio Disney to Sell Most Radio Stations; Here's the List

Kiddie programmer to focus on digital, and away from broadcast, distribution



Reaching for the Stars

The late Casey Kasem used to end his show with “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

Larry London, host of Voice of America’s “Border Crossings” program, seems to have lived that motto. Based in Washington, he takes requests from around the world, including postcard requests from Tibet to Facebook requests from Nigeria. He arrived at that unusual posting via stops in Michigan, Hong Kong Tokyo and more. From his Washington post he gets to occasionally meet the artists whose songs he’s been playing. Here he poses with Aretha Franklin after her appearance on the show.

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