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Oct 03

by by T. Carter Ross
10/3/2011 8:20:00 PM 

T. Carter Ross is editor in chief of the international and francophone editions of Radio World.

imgWild Radio Lab is a creative group within the Flemish national public-service broadcaster, VRT, that looks to push the boundaries of what radio can do and be.

For the next Wild Radio Day in Brussels, 3 March 2012, Ward Weis is planning an installation piece that addresses the question “What is radio all about?” Weis plans to collect “a lot of spoken quotes by people out in the (great) world of radio” and to embed them behind QR matrix barcodes (such as the one at right).

In the installation, visitors will hear a composition of radio noises from an array of speakers and they can walk through the space using their smartphones to scan the QR codes to play back the answers to the question “What is radio all about?”

An initial website for the project has been set up, but Weis plans to start the campaign in earnest at the start of 2012, but he can be contacted at with questions or to help with the project.



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