Aha Launches Publisher Portal

Aha by Harman has launched its publisher portal.

The tool makes it possible for anyone to create an on-demand radio station for the car consisting of podcasts, streaming radio and audiobooks, according to the company, which uses its cloud platform to organize Web content into personalized radio stations that consumers can listen to in the car, at home or on-the-go.

Consumers who have the Aha app can access these stations, according to the company, which adds that the publisher portal has the potential to grow Aha’s stations beyond the 30,000 it offers now and aggregate the “long-tail” of audio content into one service. As smartphones have become more prevalent, so too, have podcasts, according to recent data from Arbitron and Edison Research.

The same has happened for audiobooks, a trend Aha predicts will continue as streaming media to all devices, including the car, becomes more prevalent.

“We welcome anyone to submit audio content no matter how specialized the topic or niche the audience. We will transform it into a station that people can stream on demand from anywhere,” said Chia-Lin Simmons, vice president of Content and Marketing for Aha by Harman.

To make audio content available on the Aha service, any publisher can go to aharadio.com/publisher and submit podcasts, streaming radio stations or audiobooks.

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