NRSC Adopts Metadata, MDCL Guidelines

The National Radio Systems Committee voted to adopt two guidelines Saturday: metadata distribution and AM Modulation-Dependent Carrier Level Usage.

The metadata usage guideline contains recommendations for the creation, packaging and delivery of program metadata for receiver displays. The RBDS Subcommittee adopted the NRSC-G301 guideline. KQED Public Radio DOE Dan Mansergh chairs the subcommittee.

The AM and FM Analog Broadcasting Subcommittee adopted the MDCL guideline, which outlines MDCL technologies used by AM broadcasters to reduce electrical power consumption of their facilities. When used carefully, MDCL has little or no impact on the audio quality of AM transmissions. Hammett & Edison Senior Engineer Stan Salek and Cumulus Broadcasting SVP Corporate Director of Engineering & IT Gary Kline co-chair the AFAB subcommittee.

The NRSC is jointly sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. NRSC Guidelines are developed to help radio broadcasters, broadcast equipment manufacturers and receiver manufacturers in the effective and efficient operation and implementation of local AM and FM radio systems.

These documents will be available on the NRSC website,, following a procedural review.

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