Radio World Announces “Best of Show” Awards at IBC

Here are the Radio World winners
NewBay announced recipients of the “Best of Show” Award at IBC2016 in Amsterdam.
The following products won for Radio World International. Watch for the “Best of Show” Program Guide including pictures and text about all the nominees, which covers products nominated to Radio World International, TV Technology Europe, TVB Europe, PSN Europe, Audio Media International and Installation.

Radio World International Best of Show Recipients

DEVA Broadcast DB3012 Advanced DAB/DAB+ IP Audio Confidence Monitoring Receiver
GatesAir Flexiva LX FM Radio Transmitter
Inovonics 662 DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer Remote Monitor
RCS The Selector Cloud
Sound4 Impact six-band FM/HD Processor
Tieline ViA Portable Remote Codec
WaveArt Wave 2000 FM Transmitter
Wheatstone AirAura X1
WorldCast Ecreso FM 10 kW Transmitter

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