Vinyl-Res, Hi-Res and Tower-Res

Vinyl sales are up, high-resolution audio sounds great, and your tower has a new Advisory Circular

Entune and Enform Connect Drivers

We test drive Toyota and Lexus vehicles’ infotainment systems

O'Rielly: Do Away With Correspondence File Completely

FCC commissioner talks radio at country music event

The Case of the Mystery Ringing

One engineer remembers his quest for a quiet network line

Translator Talk With Tim Sawyer

The last 10 days or so have been an exciting and busy one for AM radio, as the Federal Communications Commission received a flood of applications from licensees looking to acquire or move FM translators.

All Classical Portland: Studio With a View

New studios look good, but can they do the job and keep talent in Portland?
More Finds Place Among Stations

Teenager’s home-built streaming audio platform adopted by stations around the world

Denver iHeart Live from Radio Row at Super Bowl 50

Mike Irby and crew get their stations on the air at Super Bowl 50

Stations Must Act Ahead of EAS Deadline

What you need to know to meet the FCC July 30 target



Bob Heil Welcomes You

Seen at the recent NAMM Show by Radio World’s Publisher John Casey was this exhibit devoted to Bob Heil, of Heil Sound. For those who only know Bob for his microphones and headsets or ham radio activism, Bob is a true audio Renaissance Man. He’s one of the most important developers of modern concert equipment technology, having kitted out Psychedelic Era stadium-busting shows for The Who, The Grateful Dead and others. In addition he invented that weird throat tube box Peter Frampton made famous and he’s a top-level organ player as well. And don’t forget, he’s also in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Check out the Heil Wiki.
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