Nielsen Highlights Nuances of Smart Political Radio Advertising

Company says its insights “give political agencies the right information at the right time to deliver their messages to reach the appropriate audience”

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There’s an app for that and then some — and radio hasn’t been forgotten

Massey Set to Lead Engineering Society

Entercom technologist is a big believer in certification and career adaptation

Longwave Broadcasting Retains Listeners

Just because a legacy radio band is low-fidelity and interference-prone doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in the 21st century

So You Want to Podcast, Legally? Good Luck!

Music licensing requirements for downloadable programs are confusing, with no relief in sight

Nielsen Announces Enhanced CBET Upgrade Schedule

Beyond D.C. and Baltimore next week, additional markets will begin to go live beginning Nov. 2

VOA Delano Transmitter Readied for Public Display

Gargantuan task of reassembling 19-ton transmitter now completed

Pai Cedes Ground on AM Translator Window

“To be clear, this is not my first choice,” he says

Staying Relevant in the Face of a Technology Scare

Information in diverse formats is fundamental to MindsEye’s ability to stay relevant in the new technological climate



Bonfire of the Curses

Sometimes a radio station’s got to do what a radio station’s got to do.

So it is with iHeartMedia’s WEBG(FM)/Big 95.5 in Chicago and its efforts to help the Chicago Cubs put aside ancient curses and defeat the Pittsburgh Pirates in a one-game playoff.

The BIG Bonfire Curse Reverse 2015 went off without a hitch on Wednesday, much to the delight of a crowd gathered at the Grand Victoria Casino in nearby Elgin, Ill. The inset shows the beginning pyre with larger view showing firemen tossing a pirate ship replica onto the fire.

It must have worked since the Cubbies beat the Pirates 4–0.


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