Great LOCAL engineering Job.

NO Travel


We haven’t hired an engineer for decades, but we need one now. We prefer full-time, but if you are good and want to work part-time, we’re willing to talk about that too. 


We’re KZIA, Inc. in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. We are locally owned and only in this market. We need care for a 100KW FM in HD (staffed by real deejays 24/7/365), a 5KW 3 tower directional AM and 4 FM translators for our HD sub-channels and all the studios and equipment that go with them. All the sites are within 36 mile of each other, with the studio in the middle. 


The Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area is a great place to live.  Cedar Rapids has been voted “best place to raise a family” the past two years and Iowa City is a blast if you’re looking for a college town. 


Please contact Julie Hein, mailto: with subject line “ENGINEER” to initiate a conversation. 


KZIA, Inc. is EOE.



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