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Oct. 23, 2013 ISSUE (RW)

Don’t snub RC snubbers when working with Switched-Mode Power Supplies. Below are a number of links to help you work with these supplies:
SEPT. 11, 2013 ISSUE (RW) 

AUG. 14, 2013 ISSUE (RW) 
Studio Sessions: Mic Museum

Workbench: "A Pair of Hands in an Old Pill Bottle."

Belden paper discussing wiring conduit fill percentages 

AUG. 1, 2013 ISSUE (RW)
Workbench: "Boost Mic Gain Using Remote Mixers"

Roots of Radio: "The Ampex Cue-Matic Disk Recorder"

Andy Rector’s excellent history of the cartridge machine

JULY 17, 2013 ISSUE (RW)
Reader's Forum:
JUNE 19, 2013 ISSUE (RW)
BBG: Consider the Changing Landscape
BBG budget request for Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF)
JUNE 12, 2013 ISSUE (RWEE)
Get the Most Out of Your Digital Signal:
FCC ordering allowing increase in FM digital power (PDF)
Consolidated Database System (info page)
Certification Corner: "Four on the Floor?": 
Previous article on skin effect
JUNE 5, 2013 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
Idea Sketch app
iPad App Overview: Idea Sketch (video)
APRIL 24, 2013 ISSUE (RW U.S.)

MARCH 27, 2013 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
NAB 38 Years Later:
MARCH 13, 2013 (RW U.S.)
MARCH 1, 2013 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
How Long Is Long Enough? (Reader's Forum):
I Remember the Nagra III:
FEB. 20, 2013 ISSUE (RWEE)
Paper by Kenneth B. Cartwright on sine and triangular waveforms
RDS Displays Should Make Sense:
NRSC-R300: Program Associated Data (PAD) Field Length Study

Luggage accessory site for replacement RPU handle (find SCH-09 strap handle at bottom)
“Give Your FIM a New Handle”

FEB. 1, 2013, ISSUE (RW U.S.)
FCC Should OK Smaller LPFMs:
JAN. 2, 2013 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
DEC. 19, 2012 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
AM Revitalization:
Commissioner Pai’s remarks about AM radio
Cromwell Group AM Proposal

From the Editor:
Petra Mayer’s Zords (mentioned by Bud Aiello)

Radio World Talkback:
In the NBC Microphone Storage Room
 Radio Owner Bill Dalton Dies at 80
Internet Stations, Too, Want LPFMs
 Mic Flag Goes High Tech
LPFM, FM Translators on FCC’s Tentative Agenda

Chrome wire industrial shelving from Uline

Channel Spacing Is Concern as FCC Crafts More LPFM Rules
A Few Points About Channels 5 and 6
Scarano Takes Over CC Atlanta
Twisted Waves Revisited
Installing Connectors the Right Way

NOV. 21, 2012 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
From the Editor:
Post-Sandy Q&A with New Jersey Broadcasters Association President and CEO Paul Rotella

NOV. 7, 2012 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
From the Editor: Eric Hoppe on retail taxes:
Supreme Court 1992 decision in Quill Corp. vs. North Dakota
ERI loss calculator for 788 Series Diplexer

Broadcast Devices' newest offering
Broadcast Devices website

OCT. 24, 2012 ISSUE (RW U.S.)
OCT 17, 2012 ISSUE (RWEE)

AES X-192:

Objectives and Benefits document (PDF)
OCT 10, 2012, ISSUE (RW U.S.)

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