Dominican Republic: Two Radio Journalists Killed During Broadcast

February 20,2017 — Killed during Facebook Live broadcast; no charges have been filed as of yet

Enforcement Bureau Meets With Field Agents

February 17,2017 — Eleven field offices have closed; 14 remain, and staff has been reduced

Bel RTL Celebrates 25 Years

February 20,2017 — The station adopts a multiplatform — radio, TV, podcast, streaming — approach

Akamai: Rise of IoT Devices Causes Some Security Concerns

February 14,2017 — Main sources of attacks are coming from IoT-based botnets

“Gospel Diva” Connie Denell Plans Retirement

February 17,2017 — Three decades at WQQK(FM) in Nashville

Un codec pour les retransmissions sportives live

February 21,2017 — Le ScoopTeam d’AETA conçu pour les commentateurs sportifs