Spotify Provides New API

Internet music service Spotify has released a new API for app developers.

According to the company, the new API app will allow app designers to create apps that let users “put everything from album art to music previews into third-party web apps, with a brand new ability to create real Spotify playlists for users.”

One new feature is improved metadata functionality allowing for album art, artists details and 30-second track previews. Another feature is better integration with user profiles and playlists.

The new API also makes use of Spotify’s acquisition of The Echo Nest, a digital music information database and algorithm developer. It has ported a number of that company’s specialties into the API to enhance performance.

Spotify notes that the API would be useful for “Developers, marketers, ad agencies, music hacking gurus, product managers, design firms, and anyone else who wants to build a Spotify web app to further their goals …” Here it has provided an information page, with examples of tools that can be built in to apps using the new API.

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