Wheatstone Releases v 3.6.7 AirAura Software

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Wheatstone has released what it calls a “major software upgrade” for its AirAura X3 processor.

Version 3.6.7 includes Codec Masking, which a release describes as an “algorithm to help reduce the annoying artifacts of bit-reduced program material that may have been downloaded from ‘questionable’ online sources.”

It also adds Wheatstone’s recently released baseband192 digital composite scheme. The release says that baseband192 has been successfully tested with BE, Harris and Nautel FM exciters.

The company says that beta testers reported that the new version increased loudness without increasing distortion. “It further improves loudness, audio quality, and distortion control, and includes more than 50 new factory presets tuned to take advantage of the new technologies included in the software upgrade,” the company says.

The release is applicable with all AirAura processors running software v 1.2 or higher. It is a free upgrade.

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