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Young Radio Engineers

Following up on Read Burgin’s remembrances of the Ampex 600, Radio World contributor Jim Peck sends us this photo of young Jim (right) with fellow Paul V. Moore High School student Terry Long at the Central Square, N.Y., school’s WCSQ(FM) radio station. Long would go on into a broadcast engineering career, currently at WCNY(TV/FM) in Syracuse, where Peck also worked for a time. Note the Ampexes behind. Jim thinks the photo is from 1969, or so.


Twilight Tower

Broadcast engineer Robbie Green is something of an amateur photographer. He took this photo of an ATC tower in the Houston area. He says it has multiple full-power and low-power TV stations along with the auxiliary site for CBS Radio’s KKHH, KILT, KHMX and KLOL, iHeartMedia’s KODA and KTBZ and Cumulus-owned KRBE. We’ll have more of Robbie’s work in the future. If you have an interesting engineering picture, send it to us —



If you needed any proof that Carl Kasell is a multigenerational legend, check out this photo of NPR interns with him, posted on Twitter by Anu Kumar (@AnuKumar23). Send us your own cool radio photos to!


Takes a Licking and …

KFKA(AM) in Greeley, Colo., received a surprise Sunday night when a car smashed into its streetfront façade. No one was on duty at the time but the station continued to broadcast. KFKA is the oldest continuously broadcasting radio station in Colorado. Photo: Greeley Fire Dept.



Golf Fun in the Sun

While everyone’s eyes are on the hosts and celebrities at a celebrity golf tournament, Radio World wants to get some press for the equipment that makes it all possible. Here at NBC Sports Radio’s broadcast of the recent 26th Annual American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe, helping co-host Mark Malone (left) and NBC Sports Radio PD Jack Silver are a Telos Zephyr Xport codec operating in AAC-LD, a Behringer UBB1002 mixer, a Broadcast Tools FlexPhones headphone system and Sennheiser e 835 microphones.


Delilah on TV

Premiere Networks syndicated host Delilah took time out of her busy radio schedule to make a TV appearance on Fox Business Network’s “After the Bell,” on July 9.