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Thorn Live at WSGE

Recording artist Paul Thorn plays some tunes live at WSGE(FM), Gaston College, Dallas, N.C. WSGE proudly says it has been the “Go-to station in the Carolinas for independent artists” for 30 years. Do you have an interesting in-studio photo to share? Send to Photo credit: Tim Greene


Targeting Youth the Fun Way

In September, Bavaria, Germany-based Radio Horeb (part of the Radio Maria family), held an open house, inviting its listeners to get a behind-the-scenes view of their studios and gear. During the event, the station allowed each visitor (more than 3,000) to take a selfie next to its studio equipment. Station staff, most of which works on a volunteer basis, then decided to join in on the fun and snapped a few shots of themselves. Pictured here is the station’s team, which hosts “Abend der Jugend” (Evening of the Youth) each Monday night — from left to right are Regina Frey, Patrick Koczwara, Barbara Hanner and Benedikt Hanner.


Daisy, Daisy ...

This photo shows the futuristic and fun entrance to the iHeartMedia performance space at the company’s corporate headquarters in New York. Music begins playing to greet visitors when someone enters the hallway. Does your station have its own particularly interesting public area or architectural details? Please share it with us!


Haunted Radio Station

Dick Taylor sends us this classic picture from the late ’80s. He says, “Back when I was the general manager of WFPG(FM), FM97, we decided to decorate the radio station for Halloween and invited our listeners and their families to tour our ‘Haunted Radio Station’ and get some treats.”

Did you ever have fun in radio? Send us visual proof! Email us at Radio World.


RF Masterpiece

The fitting end to a hard week of radio work. Contemplate this scene of crisp, pristine, Alpine RF beauty amongst the clouds. This is a view of the antenna farm on Sandia Crest, outside of Albuquerque, N.M.

If you’d like to share your picture of a radio masterpiece, send it to us at


Food, Booze, Gambling and Sports Radio

OK, it might be almost impossible to top the new studios of Yahoo! Sports Radio’s Ken Thomson. Airing daily 10 p.m.–1 a.m., Thomson hosts his show from new digs at Emeril Lagasse’s “Lagasse’s Stadium” in The Palazzo in Las Vegas. Yeah, that’s right, he’s airing from a sports book/sports bar in Las Vegas hosted by chef Emeril Lagasse.

You know when Homer Simpson says, “Dooooooooonuts” and saliva cascades from his mouth? — That’s the idea.

Here’s a view of Thomson broadcasting. The studio is at the entrance of the restaurant with glass walls facing a Palazzo lobby (behind Thomson) while the other side faces into the restaurant crowd. The inset shows the sports memorabilia collection and the larger space.