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Wheel of Fortune Vietnam

Plucked from the Former Military Broadcasters (AFRTS) Facebook page is this gem. Back row, fourth from left … look familiar?

Pat Sajak during his years in military broadcasting, late 1960s.  

Brought to our attention by Dan Slentz, himself a former military broadcaster.



Radio’s Run for the Roses

These guys never get enough credit. This is NBC Sports Radio’s trackside announcers (l–r) Jeff Bloom, Jude Feld and Tom Leach at Churchill Downs for last weekend’s Kentucky Derby. Some of their field equipment includes Lectrosonics UM250c UHF beltpack transmitters, UM400a digital hybrid wireless UHF beltpack transmitters and UT400 handheld digital hybrid wireless microphone/transmitters.


Fun Stuff at the NAB Show

Get a gander of this shiny radio broadcast object at the Bext booth at the NAB Show. There was much similar technology to be seen at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the show, along with other whiz-bangs such as snazzy virtual reality technology, stunning 8K video and drone cages practically around each corner. 


Paul Schafer at the Helm

Paul Schafer, a pioneer in broadcast remote control systems, poses with one of his transmitter remote control units in this 1950s photo. He was also a developer of the first radio automation systems. See our story here. Schafer recently passed away at 90. Photo: Rob Schafer.


Bringing the Thunder

Feast your eyes upon Chris Ark’s remote broadcast setup he uses for his Country Thunder festival gig in Florence, Ariz. This is last year’s op but he’s got basically the same setup for this year’s festival, which starts this week. Chris is a former engineer for KMLE(FM) and has retained the gig each year.

Here’s partial equipment list: Zephyr Xstream ISDN (silver) for main backhaul; Zephyr ISDN (black) for main backhaul backup; Comrex Access Portable 2USB for secondary backhaul via Ubiquity P to P client; Yamaha MG 206C USB audio console; Aphex 230 mic preamps; Electro-Voice RE27 microphones; Shure SM58 microphones for interviews; Fostex 6301 cue speaker; Marshall AR-AM4-BG rack cue speaker; Behringer Power Play Pro XL headphone distro; Vox Pro and Adobe Editing workstation; dbx 166xs stereo compressor; Middle Atlantic 15 amp power conditioner; Canare mic cables; and custom audio snake specific to this broadcast setup.



Bear Takes Over Radio Station

A baby bear was brought into the studios of Townsquare Media’s WKXW(FM) in Trenton, N.J., during the Bill Spadea show. Not surprisingly, the bear quickly became the center of attention. That’s Spadea on the right. More “adorable bear” pictures and videos can be found here.