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Santa’s Truckful o’ Toys

iHeartMedia’s WKST(FM) in Pittsburgh’s annual Stuff a Bus seems to have been a success this year. Here, morning show hosts Mikey & Bob look like they might be crushed in an avalanche of toys packed into one truck. The station says that this year’s haul amounted to 57 such loads of toys, topping last year’s previous record-breaker of 52.


This Man Loves His Job

Last week Beasley’s WMMR(FM) in Philadelphia saluted its midday host Pierre Robert for 35 years of service. Robert came from San Francisco in 1981 and hasn’t left. Clearly, he loves his radio job.


Radio’s MetaFuture

NPR’s Erich Shea provides us with this picture from last week’s election night. He explains: “This is a screenshot of my HD Radio on election night, showing MetaPub-delivered metadata for WAMU(FM)’s broadcast on their HD1 channel. You can see the name of the reporter featured at that moment, “Mara Liasson,” and the name of the piece she was doing, “Dems Future.” It’s primitive, but it’s a first step in the proliferation of metadata in general and MetaPub in particular. Soon it will be images and links (which MetaPub can handle right now, but it’s up to the producers to provide that depth of metadata).”



Getting in on the Ground Floor

Check this out! Way back when (1947 to be exact), WHAV(AM) memorialized the building of its transmission facility event with the station’s call letters. Now that a WHAV is back on the air, in LPFM form, they have resurrected the facility and those embedded calls are back.

Now that’s station pride!

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Don’t Let This Happen to Your Station

This is the exterior of WTOD(AM)’s transmission facility near Toledo, Ohio. It has been abandoned by Cumulus Media and the station has gone dark. The company says the cost of bringing WTOD(AM) back to the air is prohibitive. Photo: SBE 104


Ride for Life

Here’s a shot from Blacksmith’s Ride for Life, Oct. 1. The charitable motorcycle ride is held in memory of the late WHEB(FM) DJ Andy Blacksmith, who passed away earlier this year from heart disease. The event raised $22,000 for New England organ and tissue organizations. Six hundred riders showed up on a rainy morning at Seacoast Harley-Davidson for the tour.